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Guided tours from the tourist office

The Plombières Remiremont tourist office presents its guided tours. Our 3 tour guides have built them especially for you: whether you are interested in history, the arts, architecture or even nature, there is something for everyone. Creative workshops are also offered to children during school holidays.

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Registration and payment required in our various offices (limited places). The visit may be canceled in the event of an insufficient number of registrants.

5€ full price - 2€50 per child aged 6 to 12 - Free for under 6s

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Guided tours in Remiremont

10 centuries of history

Remiremont, the town of Romaric, was born thanks to women. We trace its history since its foundation in 9rd century until today. Accompanied by our guides, explore the emblematic places of the city of Canonesses such as the church square, the arcades or even rue de la Franche-Pierre.

1km – Around 1h30 – 3 to 20 people – Meeting in front of the church

In the footsteps of the Lady Canonesses

The story of Remiremont reflects this unparalleled feminine power at a time when being a woman was not ideal. Come travel through its stories such as the birth of the double monastery on the Saint-Mont or the secularization of the nuns who became Canonesses, discover hidden treasures in the church and the abbey palace.

100m – Around 1h30 – 3 to 20 people – Meet in front of the church

Guided tour of the abbey church of Remiremont
Guided tour of the beautiful residences of Remiremont

The beautiful homes

The city of Remiremont is known for its Chapter of Noble Ladies, but not only that. The city has a very rich industrial past from the 19th to the 20th century. Powerful families grew rich in the cotton industry and left a lasting mark on the urban landscape of Remiremont. This story is revealed to you during this guided tour.

1,2km – Around 1h30 – 3 to 20 people – Meet in front of the station, Place des Martyrs de la Résistance

Architectural splendor

Treat yourself to a captivating dive into the evolution and diversity of architectural styles. Take a real journey through time, discovering the historic buildings that have shaped the history of Remiremont.

1km – Around 1h30 – 3 to 20 people – Meeting in front of the church

Between flowers and fountains

Labeled 3 flowers, Remiremont is distinguished by its remarkable flowering and the beauty of its green spaces. Accompanied by a guide, explore the themes of the city's flowering while rediscovering its remarkable fountains.

1,2km – Around 1h30 – 3 to 20 people – Meet in front of the media library

The stained glass windows of the abbey church of Remiremont

The stained glass windows of the abbey church

Let yourself be drawn into the fascinating and captivating history of these translucent windows which tell ancient and sacred stories. Each stained glass window is a work of art steeped in symbolism, a window into Remiremont's past that captivates with its meticulous details and vibrant hues. This visit allows you to discover the manufacturing secrets of these glass jewels, explore their hidden meanings and admire the filtered light that illuminates the building, creating a magical and spiritual atmosphere.

Fixed location – Around 45min – 3 to 20 people – Meeting in front of the church

Guided tours of Remiremont for children!

  • Remiremont in all directions: This visit specially designed for children, combining games and historical information about the town of Remiremont, engages their 5 senses! (500m - Approximately 1h30 - Meeting point in front of the church)
  • Bees and company: This visit is the child-friendly version of the “between flowers and fountains” route in Remiremont. (Fixed location - Approximately 1h30 - Meeting in Monseigneur Rodhain Park)

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Guided tours here & elsewhere

Life in the past in Girmont-Val-d'Ajol

Immerse yourself in the charm of yesteryear at Girmont-Val d'Ajol and discover a rich past through our guided tour! Explore the religious heritage that tells the fascinating stories of the past and let yourself be captivated by the “intangible and living” heritage with the ancient granaries, called chalots.

300m – Around 45min – 3 to 20 people – Meet in front of the chalot in the center of the village

St. Nabord

This tour skillfully combines history and nature. It allows you to understand the geological formation of the moraine while exploring a significant historical moment for the region. An experience where history and geology meet to offer you unforgettable discoveries at the moraine and the Noirgueux stele!

Fixed location – Around 45min – 3 to 20 people – Meet at the Noirgueux moraine

The stele of Noirgueux in Saint-Nabord


The chapel of Vieux Saint-Amé is a historical and cultural treasure that resonates with the spiritual heritage of the region. This visit allows you to understand and appreciate the deep meaning of this sacred place, inviting you to immerse yourself in the spirituality and history of Saint-Amé, one of the founders of Remiremont Abbey.

Fixed location – Around 45min – 3 to 20 people – Meet at the Chapelle du Vieux Saint-Amé (access on foot only)


Discover Saint-Étienne-lès-Remiremont during
a captivating guided tour that reveals the roots
profound and major developments of this charming city
with a rich historical heritage! This enriching experience
allows you to understand today's city through the
key episodes from his past.

Fixed location – Around 45min – 3 to 20 people – Meeting at the town hall of Saint-Étienne-lès-Remiremont

Gourmet walk in Val-d'Ajol

Discover local delights through this unique tour, where each step brings you closer to the authentic flavors of the region. Taste excellence with tastings and the secrets of making this renowned local specialty.

More information to come!

Gourmet walk in Val-d'Ajol - Vosges smoked tasting

Audioguided tours

(Re)Discover the towns of Remiremont and Plombières-les-Bains independently, thanks to our rental audioguides. In total autonomy, you put your steps
in those of past generations who have bequeathed a testimony, traditions, architectural treasures… Our circuits are offered in 4 languages ​​and a route adapted to young people also exists in French.

Audioguides are available for hire at the offices of the tourist office, in Remiremont and Plombières-les-Bains. Also find the circuits in our "Remiremont Plombières Tourism" mobile application.

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Workshops for children

Coat of arms workshop

Hear hear! Damsels and Damoiseaus! Explore the captivating history of coats of arms, these emblems loaded with symbols, during an exciting and educational first part. Children discover their medieval origins, their meaning and the codes used to represent families, kingdoms and values. Then, it’s time for creativity to design their own coat of arms!

Stained glass workshop

It all starts with a visit to the church, where your children immerse themselves in a world of colors, lights and mysterious stories. Our guides take them to meet these magical windows, telling them the stories and symbols hidden behind these glass jewels that have illuminated past centuries. The children then have the opportunity to bring the
their own stained glass window!

Companionship workshop

During a visit to the church, your children will immerse themselves in the history and ingenuity of the builders of the Middle Ages. Our guides take them to discover the architectural secrets hidden in each stone, revealing the unique techniques and symbols that marked this fascinating era. The children then become young companions, exploring these traditional trades through fun workshops.

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