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Remiremont, a story of women

The city of Remiremont is one of the few cities to be able to look at its history since the Merovingian period. And what a story! Those of young noble girls who will have a lasting influence on the history of Lorraine at a time when being a woman was not necessarily ideal.

Viewpoint over Remiremont, from the Fort du Parmont
A little history...

The origins of Remiremont

The origins of Remiremont date back to the XNUMXthrd century with the creation of the double monastery at Saint-Mont by Saint Romaric and Saint Amé. Very quickly, the women's abbey will take on more and more importance. However, life on the Saint-Mont was very difficult both meteorologically and religiously. The nuns will therefore decide to go down and settle in the valley. And this is only the beginning of the fabulous story of these women with extraordinary political power, the most powerful in Lorraine. 

Follow this splendid epic in the company of one of our guides or with our audio guide.


The abbey quarter and its church

In the beginning, in the XNUMXth century, the nuns built a new abbey around a central church. Alas, these primitive buildings will disappear in a huge fire in the XIrd century. The nuns will then make the decision to rebuild the neighborhood with a difference. From now on, they will no longer all live together but each in an individual house. The emblematic canonesses district of Remiremont was born.

Fountain of Remiremont

Remiremont and its fountains

In the nineteenthrd century, a problem arises in Remiremont. How can everyone have access to water and sanitation?

What's better than fountains? Of different shapes and sizes, they were built mainly at the request of Mayor Stanislas Bresson. One of them was even inaugurated by the Duchess of Angoulême, daughter of Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI.

military history

The fort of Parmont

The Fort du Parmont, located on the massif of the same name, overlooks the town of Remiremont. Built between 1874 and 1876 by General Séré de Rivières, it is part of the defensive line of the Upper Moselle. It served as the last rampart during the Great War of 1914-1918 with one of the most important garrisons in France, the entrenched camp of Épinal. 

Abandoned since 1960, the Fort du Saint Mont Safeguard Committee was created in 2006 to rehabilitate the site. Since then, these Vosges volunteers have been working to restore the fort and offer guided tours. 

Also take the opportunity to do the Séré de rivières hike, accessible to families.

Fort du Parmont, Remiremont

The team's favorite

"Every day, I pass through the heart of the Remiremont abbey district to go to work. And every day, I marvel at the majesty of the church and the adjoining palace. In the summer, the flowery Place de Mesdames is a very pleasant place with its fountain in the center and this incredible architecture all around. A must-see in Remiremont for those who love old stones, history, or simply admire the beauty of things!"

- LydiaLydie

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