Tourism Remiremont Plombières-les-Bains in the Vosges, Lorraine, France

Val-d'Ajol, a village town

Val-d'Ajol is one of the largest municipalities in France with around 7 hectares. The 279 Ajolais live in around sixty hamlets.

Launch of the season at the Hiking Center in Val-d'Ajol
A little history...

The origins of Val-d'Ajol

It has long been thought that the first inhabitants of Val-d'Ajol came from Spain. They would have arrived in this valley under Charlemagne. However, recent archaeological discoveries have shown that the Val-d'Ajol dates from well before the Celts. The development of the valley takes place mainly in Roman times. Indeed, a fundamental trade route connects Besançon to Metz crossing the Val-d'Ajol on all sides.


The wayside crosses

The Stations of the Cross in Val-d'Ajol is one of the greatest in Christianity. It is made up of 145 crosses, 3 of which are classified as Historic Monuments. The inhabitants of Val d'Ajol installed them to commemorate events such as a birth, a death, or even the liberation of the Val after the Second World War. The wayside crosses are, along with the names of localities, one of the oldest testimonies of past centuries. 

Go back in time with your family by browsing the Way of the Crosses available on our “Remiremont Plombières Tourism” mobile app or on our website.

The Feuillée Nouvelle chalot, in Val-d'Ajol

The chalots (or chello)

Removable wooden attic, the chalots have several functions. They can be used as grain or food reserves as well as safes to protect family treasures. The chalots must imperatively be kept away from the farms to protect them from the risk of fire.

Between Lorraine and Franche-Comté, we counted no less than 320! the oldest of which dates from 1618. 

The team's favorite

"One of my favorite little hikes is located in Val-d'Ajol. It begins with the emperor's chalet and ends with the remains of the old Priory. We find these historic sites in the Hérival valley The chalet was initiated by Napoleon III who, when he was receiving treatment in Plombières, liked to walk in the surrounding area with Empress Eugénie. During this hike, you can even discover the President fir tree and the Tanchottes pond. "

- MaevaMaeva

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