Tourism Remiremont Plombières-les-Bains in the Vosges, Lorraine, France

Vosges local products

The Vosges Secrètes are full of culinary specialties. Sometimes soft and sweet, sometimes vigorous and full of character, they will delight your taste buds and leave no one indifferent! From mountain cuisine based on typical products to refined chef tables, embark on a culinary journey where the places to eat are as important as the dishes to whet your appetite!


Ask for your guide to local producers

They are breeders, brewers, beekeepers and even cheese makers... 30 local producers, partners of the tourist office and offering direct sales from the production site, open their doors to you and invite you to the discovery of our exceptional terroir.

We are proud to present to you the portraits of these men and women who feed us and maintain our landscape. Authentic portraits where explanations of their know-how mix with more personal confessions and anecdotes.

Beyond the valorization of the short circuit, these are real moments of sharing, discovery and respect that we offer you.

Our local producers

Route des Chalots

Our specialties

Andouille aperitif from Val-d’Ajol
What are the benefits of being a locavore?

Being a locavore is good for the local economy!

Buying your products directly from the producer or in partner businesses means supporting local agriculture and the local economy. It also means paying producers the right price and allowing them to maintain and develop their activity in the region.

Being a locavore is good for us!

When we buy locally in short circuits, we consume fresh products, harvested when ripe, which undergo less transport and whose origin and method of production we know.

Being a locavore is good for the environment!

Less storage, less packaging, less transport, less processed products... By consuming locally, we help to preserve the environment by limiting the carbon footprint of our food and by choosing to no longer encourage intensive cultivation.


Charter of good conduct in the agricultural sector

Our farmers maintain the landscape, let's respect their work and the peace of mind of their animals!

Charter of good conduct in agricultural environments - Vosges
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