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Our specialties

The Vosges Secrètes are full of culinary specialties that awaken all 5 senses! Sometimes soft and sweet, sometimes vigorous and full of character, they delight your taste buds and leave no one indifferent. From mountain cuisine based on typical products to refined chef tables, embark on a culinary journey where the places to eat are as important as the dishes to whet your appetite!

Vosges fir honey AOP

PDO fir honey

Thanks to the vast coniferous forests of the Vosges and a climate conducive to the proliferation of the aphid, the green lachnid, which contributes to the production of honeydew, nature here creates one of the best and rarest honey from France. It is actually a honeydew honey.

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In season, the Vosges forest then distills "the dew of honey" a real sweet manna which sparkles in a thousand shards on the vegetation of the undergrowth. It is the period of the great honey flow and the time of the great transhumance which attract thousands of hives to the massif and the fir forests. It is then time to savor this natural nectar with the powerful and sweet taste of the forest...

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The Andouille of Val-d’Ajol

"The Confrérie des Taste-Andouilles et Gandoyaux du Val-d'Ajol was created in 1965 with the aim of promoting these two specialties and organizing the Andouilles Fair as well as other gastronomic events. L'Andouille from Val d'Ajol has been a registered trademark with the INPI since 1984, of which only five butchers in the town are authorized to use it. The ring authenticates its origin. According to the official recipe, this pork is stuffed in a natural casing with 60% lean pork meat taken from all parts of the animal and 40% from the chitterlings, without forgetting some spices. »

Gérard VANCON, President of the Brotherhood

Andouille from Val-d'Ajol, a Vosges specialty
Plombieres Ice Cream

Plombieres Ice Cream

Result of the greatest chance, the Plombieres Ice Cream was created by the cook of Napoleon III who regularly visited the Spa. During the summer of 1858, the Emperor had ordered a cream reversed for dessert but the cook missed the recipe and served a curious soft yellow pastry enhanced with a multitude of candied cherries, citron and Kirsch. This was the delight of the guests and Napoleon hastened to call this new ice cream "Plombières". However, it was a pastry chef from Plombin who had the idea in 1882 of macerating candied fruit in kirsch to give it the flavor we know today.


Abbesses trout pâté

In 2023, Remiremont was reconnected with a long-standing culinary specialty: trout pâté. It was the “Cercle Gourmand de Remiremont” association, created the same year, which restored its titles of nobility to this historic Romarimontaine specialty, inherited from the time of the canonesses.

A well-known fish in our destination, trout is now in the spotlight in the revisitation of the traditional pâté recipe, proposed by Jean-Claude Aiguier, former starred chef of the Les Abbesses restaurant in Remiremont. Local artisans who wish can become partners and offer you this recipe for Abbesses trout pâté, on site or to take away.

Where to taste it? Partner artisans

  • Hotel-restaurant La Vigotte in Girmont-Val-d'Ajol
  • Matthieu Hocquaux Bakery in Remiremont
  • Caterer Daily des Saveurs in Remiremont
  • Restaurant Le Bistrot des Apothecaires in Remiremont
  • Restaurant La Coupole in Remiremont
  • Chef Jean-Claude Aiguier in Saint-Étienne-lès-Remiremont
  • Pinot Bakery - The delights of Octroi in Remiremont

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Vosges cornflower

The Vosges Bluet

Roland Balandier cultivates almost 2000 feet of " bluet from the Vosges » since 1987, in organic farming. A land of wild blueberries, the Girmont-Val-d'Ajol lent itself perfectly to the cultivation of this fruit originating in Canada, from the same family as the blueberry which grows spontaneously in our Vosges forests.
Of a larger caliber, composed of a white flesh, and a little softer and sweeter, the Bluet des Vosges (trademark for this fruit grown on the massif), contains the same virtues as the wild blueberry: very rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Jam, syrup, juice, fruit paste, sorbet, sweet and sour, vinegar, aperitif, liqueur… Vosges blueberry is good in all its formats!


Vosges cheeses

Cheeses are part of our culinary heritage. The Vosges pastures carefully maintained by the farmers give the milk special aromas and generate cheeses of character: AOC farmer munsters, "Coeur de massif" made from Vosges cow's milk, mountain tomme cheese but also ladle-moulded cottage cheese, old-fashioned quid or even homemade creations with andouille cheeses or fromage blanc with local fruits… all made with naturally raw milk and made with respect for tradition ancestral. Without forgetting the goat cheeses available in volumes, fresh goat cheese, semi-dry and dry…

Nonnettes and loriquettes, pastry specialties from Remiremont

Nonnets and lorikeets

Pastry specialties from Remiremont, their origins date back to the time of the canonesses. In the Middle Ages, nuns made nonnettes
from gingerbread to sell to travelers passing through the monastery.

The lorikeet, one of the oldest known pastries, is THE cake of the canonesses. It is a marzipan base in the shape of a 3-pointed star.
Its manufacturing secret is jealously guarded and that of Remiremont is the subject of a registered trademark. Over time, the shape of the tricorn was abandoned
benefit from the Celtic symbol of the triskele. It is now a good travel cake that can be kept for up to three weeks.


Local beers

The Vosges Secrètes territory is a true land of brewers. Its 6 breweries, well known in the Grand Est and elsewhere, revive the destination's brewing tradition through their know-how and their products.

  • The Girmont organic brewery in Girmont-Val-d'Ajol
  • The Marie-Thérèse brewery in Remiremont
  • ESAT Brasserie du Bois Joli in Saint-Nabord
  • The La Val Heureuse brewery in Val-d'Ajol
  • The Roulier brewery in Val-d'Ajol
  • The La Madelon brewery in Saint-Étienne-lès-Remiremont
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