Tourism Remiremont Plombières-les-Bains in the Vosges, Lorraine, France

Moutain Biking

Mountain bike enthusiasts, stop for a moment... If there is a territory where you must test your endurance behind the handlebars of your all-terrain vehicle, it is ours! With a mountain bike stadium and more than 220km of marked FFC courses, including 130km of high level, the Vosges Secrètes are a playground for amateurs or budding athletes.


The Vosges Secrètes mountain bike stadium

The new Vosges Secrète mountain bike stadium, installed on the Grange Puton area in Remiremont, is an innovative, environmentally friendly cycling area, suitable for all levels and with free access all year round. It's made of :

  • A 1km fun green loop: Small wooden whoops and banked turns in the ground for an introduction to the practice.
  • A 2.6km blue XCO loop: Rock garden, Rock and wood slalom (stones and tree trunks), series of whoops, Mini Jump line, Earth/wood rollers, Balance crossing.
  • A 4Km elite XCO loop: Pump line, Sequence of skinny natural beam/trunk and logs/steps on the way up, XCO hairpin, Jump line, Road gap, Canyon descent, Bike park type descent, Rock gardenRock and wood trialist.
  • A trial MTB area with the overcoming of obstacles to develop skills.
  • Two enduro mountain bike trails, one blue and one black.

Equipment in addition to the 220 km of marked FFC routes.

Home & rental

The new tourist office office at the entrance to the stadium

The tourist office has a new reception and bicycle rental point at the entrance to this stadium. Ideal for practicing at the stadium but also on the many FFC marked trails nearby!

10 all-mountain mountain bikes with electrical assistance from the Labyrinth brand are available for rental, including 5 full-suspension models and 5 semi-rigid models.

Shop & services

Mountain bikers, hikers and other visitors will find all the information they need for their outings in the great outdoors and their stays. A shop stocked with hiking items, drinks and energy bars is also available. Small repair equipment for bicycles will subsequently be offered there.

In addition, a washing station as well as a repair terminal containing various tools is available to mountain bikers outside the building, during the opening hours of the reception point.

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Mountain bike rental from the Remiremont tourist office at the entrance to the new mountain bike stadium
Mountain biking

Discovering the best Vosges spots!

The best mountain biking spots have been signposted in this part of the Vosges for decades. There is something for all tastes and all levels. Fans will find the pleasant feeling of walk through nature without too much difficulty, and professionals will revel in reliefs offering them incredible sensations.

The destination is known for its large number of champions and high-level athletes for mountain biking in all disciplines (XC, Downhill, Enduro, etc.): Julian Absalon (XCO) – Remy Absalon (Enduro) – Steve chainel (Cycling cross and road) – CharlesPlanet (Road and XC) – Titouan Perrin Ganier (XCE) – Antoine Mougel (Trial) – Remi Thirion (DH)… and succession follows.

By guiding your mountain bike on our paths, you will ride in the footsteps oflegendary athletes, and, thanks to the intoxicating smell of the fir trees, you will find yourself dreaming of the summits!

MTB hiking map

Consult our hiking/mountain biking map with all the useful information on our circuits: departure, markup, duration, distance, elevation...

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Bike renting

Consult the rental rates for hybrid bikes and mountain bikes (with or without electric assistance) in Remiremont and Val-d'Ajol.

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