Tourism Remiremont Plombières-les-Bains in the Vosges, Lorraine, France

Saint-Nabord trail station

Land of outdoor activities, the Vosges Secrètes are enriched with trail and Nordic walking circuits in 2023 in Saint-Nabord!

Sports challenge!

From May 18 to June 9, perform at least 10km of trail and/or Nordic walking, in one or more outings, on the permanent trails of the Saint-Nabord Trail Station in the Vosges. Record your activities with the On Piste application to have a chance to win one of the prizes:

- A voucher for 3 hours of access to the spa at the Le Chapter hotel in Remiremont, valid for 2 people

- A voucher for the escape game “The secrets of the emperor” in Plombières-les-Bains, valid for 2 people

- A basket filled with local treats and care products, to be collected from the Remiremont tourist office

A challenge accessible to all to have fun while (re)discovering this very young Trail Resort!

To participate, go to the On Piste application from May 18.

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Saint-Nabord Trail Station in the Vosges
Labeled trail station

Trail and Nordic walking circuits in Saint-Nabord

Following an expansion of trail running as well as Nordic walking, a trail station project is emerging in Saint-Nabord. There are 6 routes, including 1 specifically designed for Nordic walking, which enrich the already comprehensive range of outdoor activities.

Whether you see a beginner or an experienced trail runner, these routes are suitable for all levels: simply let yourself be guided by a color rating system inspired by alpine skiing.

Do you want to gently introduce yourself to trail running? A 5km course along the Moselle has been designed for you. More seasoned, are you looking for a challenge? More technical and playful routes, up to 46km, will challenge you.

Of great diversity, the routes make you discover emblematic places
such as Noirgueux moraine, but also more intimate places, such as Montiroche and Tacaumont ridge offering you spectacular views of the region.

Our trail station not only lists routes, but also equipment ensuring good practice of the activity: markings, GPS track, water point or even a running circuit & an outdoor fitness area installed at the Perrey stadium in Saint- Nabord.

It is also visible and labeled via OnTrack, a trailer application.

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Focus on Nordic walking

Appeared in the Scandinavian countries in the 1970s, it was originally practiced by cross-country skiers as training during the summer months. More dynamic than hiking, Nordic walking has the principle of accentuating the natural swinging movement of the arms using two sticks. The body is thus propelled forward.

Accessible to all, this new practice will delight young and old, whatever their physical condition. It is thus a family and friendly sport that brings together a large audience!

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Nordic walking in Saint-Nabord in the Vosges
The Infernal Trail of Saint-Nabord

It all starts with the Infernal Trail of the Vosges...

Showcase of the practice of trail on our territory, the Infernal Trail des Vosges celebrates its 15th edition in 2023 !

Much more than a competition, this sporting event created in 2009 in Saint-Nabord is a must for Trail running in France. Each year, it brings together 650 volunteers and 5000 runners in a spirit of sharing, conviviality and emotion. 

To allow everyone to train, the municipality of Saint-Nabord aims the Station Trail label for summer 2023! The creation of various trail and Nordic walking circuits, in multiple formats for all abilities, will allow you to experience the Vosges mountains in a different way.

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