Tourism Remiremont Plombières-les-Bains in the Vosges, Lorraine, France

Our commitments at the tourist office

Through our labels and our internal actions, we are committed to a sustainable development and sustainable tourism approach.

Tourism Quality Label

Our tourist office has the Quality Tourism brand (renewed in July 2023). During the evaluation of this, with a view to obtaining it, a certain number of criteria are attached to the actions implemented internally and to the information disseminated to visitors, partners and citizens, in connection with sustainable development.

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Tourism Quality Label

Cycling Home Label

The tourist office is proud to be part of the Accueil Vélo label! In addition to our actions in favor of welcoming cyclists, we provide them with a guide compiling all the useful information for green travel.

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Our internal actions

  • Eco-responsible employee charter.
  • Sorting of waste.
  • Dog waste bags and trash bags for hikers available on request.
  • Display and distribution of SICOVAD documentation.
  • Prioritization of supplies from local service providers and suppliers: printers, office supplies, etc.
  • Sending mail in green letters (more economical, ecological, less CO² emissions).
  • Dematerialization of meetings and training as far as possible.
  • Reasoned and controlled professional travel (carpooling, etc.).

Our shop

We are committed to promoting local products and know-how through the products that we sell in our shop: artisanal products, local products, Je Vois la Vie en Vosges products, historical books and postcards relating to local heritage and history.

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Our actions for saving paper

  • We adapt our stocks to actual demand.
  • We systematically print double-sided and limit printing to documents useful to visitors. We print on demand.
  • We encourage visitors to download or receive the requested documentation by email rather than systematically sending it by mail.
  • We systematically use draft for our daily work.
  • We print our brochures on PEFC certified paper from local printers.

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