Tourism Remiremont Plombières-les-Bains in the Vosges, Lorraine, France

Eco-traveler's guide

Sustainable tourism should be on the holiday menu: at the place of accommodation, when visiting, on a hike… let's not forget these little gestures that contribute to the preservation of our planet! On vacation or at home, they are essential and easy to implement.


I keep my local environment clean

  • I throw rubbish in the bins provided
  • I don't put cigarette butts on the ground and use ashtrays
  • I pick up the plastic bags that I find
  • During my excursions or picnics, I use reusable items and bring my waste with me
  • I contribute to maintaining the cleanliness of the sites
Hiking in the Vosges, ©Carnets de Rando
Vosges daffodils

I appreciate the surrounding nature

  • On a walk, I use the marked trails
  • I respect the regulations of natural areas
  • I don't pick flowers or plants
  • I respect cultivated areas
  • I observe the animals without disturbing them
  • If I have a dog, I keep it on a leash
  • I don't barbecue in the forest

I take care to reduce my impact on the environment

  • I avoid polluting transport and favor soft traffic: pedestrians, bicycles, etc.
  • I adopt eco-driving in the car
  • I choose reusable rather than disposable equipment: a water bottle rather than plastic bottles, a reusable basket or bag…
  • On a walk, on a hike, I don't light a fire
  • I use natural products against insects
  • I choose my sunscreen carefully when swimming
  • I wash my hands with cold water
  • I preserve water resources
  • I take a shower instead of a bath
  • I prefer rechargeable batteries
  • I buy products with little packaging
The Gehard stream
Accommodation in the Secret Vosges - Auberge Saint-Vallier in Girmont-Val-d'Ajol

I respect my hosting

  • I limit my energy consumption
  • I prefer natural lighting
  • I turn off the light when I leave a room
  • I lower the heating
  • I do not leave electrical devices in standby mode (TV, chargers, etc.)
  • I optimize my water consumption (shower, dishes, laundry, toilets, etc.)
  • I participate in selective sorting and use recycling bins
  • I limit my noise pollution

I favor local and artisanal products

  • I consume local
  • I participate in the economy of the region
  • I buy seasonal products, preferably on the markets and resulting from reasoned practices
  • I prefer the holiday memories “Made in Vosges”
  • I meet the craftsmen and am interested in their know-how
Girmont-Val-d'Ajol night markets

I think sustainable tourism

I get information from the tourist office to discover all the sustainable tourism offer on the territory.

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The hiker's charter

We have drawn up the "hiker's charter" in order to make everyone aware of the protection and respect of our beautiful nature.

You will find it in particular on our hiking / mountain biking map but also on any other medium promoting hiking on our territory.

The hiker's charter - Remiremont Plombières Tourism
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