Tourism Remiremont Plombières-les-Bains in the Vosges, Lorraine, France

The guest card

Otherwise known as Pass Secret, the guest card from the Remiremont Plombières tourist office gives you access to privileged offers from our partners: shops, tourist sites, restaurateurs, etc.

Secret Pass

Your map to explore the destination!

Are you an adult and staying at least 2 nights in the area*? Ask free of charge your guest card at the Remiremont Plombières tourist office. Personalized and valid for the duration of your stay, it allows you to benefit from reductions on numerous tourist and leisure services in our region.
* 2 nights in commercial accommodation located in one of our 10 municipalities: Dommartin-lès-Remiremont, Eloyes, Girmont-Val-d'Ajol, Le Val d'Ajol, Plombières-les-Bains, Remiremont, Saint-Amé , Saint-Etienne-lès-Remiremont, Saint-Nabord, Vecoux. You will be asked for proof.

Are you staying in non-commercial accommodation and still want to enjoy it? The Secret PASS is available for €4. It can be collected directly from the tourist office.

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Guest card from the Remiremont Plombières tourist office
How to use

How does the guest card work?

I am a visitor

Go to one of the Tourist Office offices in Remiremont, Plombières-les-Bains or Val-d'Ajol to receive your Secret PASS. You will be asked for proof of accommodation.

You can also request it from your partner host of the Tourist Office. For the paying card, it can only be collected from the Tourist Office.

On the back of the card there is a QR code. Scan it to discover exclusive offers from our partners on our website. If you don't have Internet, ask the Tourist Office for a list of our partners and their offers.

Browse the list of online partners and discover the discounts and exclusive gifts that await you.

When you visit our partners, simply present your Secret PASS to take advantage of the offer. They will welcome you warmly and allow you to benefit from the exclusive advantages reserved for card holders. Please note, for the card to be valid, please fill in your dates of stay.

Use the hashtag #remiremontplombierestourisme on social networks to share your moments!

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Tiny House Moho Nat'ure in the Vosges, in Saint-Nabord
I am a host
Do you want to enrich your visitors' experience? Inform them of the advantages of the Secret PASS! Display the guest card instructions in your accommodation.
Merchant hosting
Are you a partner of the Tourist Office? Ask us for cards to distribute to your customers staying more than 2 nights.
You are not a partner of the Tourist Office? Encourage your visitors to go to one of our offices in Remiremont, Plombières or Le Val-d'Ajol, to collect their Secret PASS free of charge with proof.
Non-commercial accommodation
Encourage your guests to go to one of our offices in Remiremont, Plombières or Le Val-d'Ajol, to collect their Secret PASS. The price is €4/card.
I am a service provider
Would you like to offer an offer in the guest card – the PASS Secret? Become a partner of the Remiremont Plombières Tourist Office!
As a partner, you are free to wish to participate in this advantage card. Likewise, the reduction offer you wish to put in place is not imposed, it's you who choose!

Good reasons to make an offer: 

  • Increase the visibility of your structure
  • Direct access to targeted customers
  • Competitive advantage
  • Marketing, promotional and customer loyalty support

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